This lap steel is made out of pine. I used a humbucker pickup and aluminum bridge and nut.

This one was made out of one piece of Douglas Fir. The fretboard was made from a piece of oak that was stained.

This one was made of one piece of Douglas fir. I used 2 pieces of Maple veneer for the top of the body, then stained it. I used a P-90 pickup on this one.

I made this Skull lap steel out of one piece of Douglas fir, using chisels and a Miracle Blade knife. I then used crackle paint to get the effect on the skull itself.

I used some exotic woods on the one below. The fretboard and pickguard are made from Bubinga wood, the bridge I carved out of a piece of Cocobolo. I added Maple veneer to the body and headstock. I turned the knobs on a sander with a jig I made, and attached a piece of veneer to the tops of them.


Below is my first Steampunk Lap Steel Guitar. The body was made from Douglas fir, the fretboard was wrapped with a thin sheet of copper I bought on a roll.. I used brass stock for the panels on the face of the body and finishing nails to simulate rivets. The light on the front is operational, using a 9-volt battery inserted on the rear of the body. I used a liquid patina on all the brass and copper to give it an aged look. This instrument is fully functional.


A Pink Floyd inspired lapsteel guitar

I made this lapsteel for Bill Martin, a member of the band:


A Pink Floyd tribute band near Philadelphia.  Bill and I threw ideas at each other and this is what we decided on.

I fitted it with a Seymour-Duncan SH-N2 Humbucker. The guitar it 38 inches in length and was made from one slab of Douglas Fir stock.

The fretboard is African Bubinga. I used 571.5mm scale length for the guitar. At the top of the headstock is a functioning clock.

Check out

This is the 2nd Skull Lapsteel I made, using a plank of Douglas Fir. Thiis is a 24" scale length instrument. I used a Seymour Duncan Full Shred Humbucker Pickup.

Below is my 10th lap steel guitar, made from a plank of Cherry wood.
 I used a Seymour-Duncan Jazz pickup and Grover tuning machines.
The bridge and pickguard is made from African Bubinga. 
The fretboard and pickup ring is Honduran Rosewood. The finish is 8 coats of True-Oil gun stock varnish.

Below is a Lap Steel made from one solid plank of Tiger Maple.

-I dropped a Seymour-Duncan Custom 5 Humbucking pickup in this lap steel. It's a very versatile pickup that offers optimum balance of warmth, punch, power and clarity.

-The string tuners are quality Nickel Grover Rotomatic Tuners.
-I also used high quality CTS potentiometers for the volume and tone controls. They are topped off with 2 chrome metal knurled knobs.

-The fret board is one piece of Curly Maple. For the frets I used Makore veneer, and a dark contrasting wood for the fret markers, then sanded them flush.

-I carved the pickup ring from a piece of Yucatan Rosewood.
-The pick guard is made from a piece of African Bubinga.

-I used 6 coats of Tru-Oil Gun stock Varnish over all the wood and fretboard. This finish is very durable and will not cloud, yellow, or crack with age.

Below is a Lap Steel made from a solid plank of Tiger Maple
-22 1/2" scale
-8" at its widest area
-33 1/2" height
-1.5" thick
-Honduran Rosewood Pickup ring, pick guard and fret board.
-Maple fret dots
-Metal frets
-Metal Knurled knobs topped with mother of pearl inlay
-Bone nut
-Nickle Tune-O-Matic adjustable bridge
-Nickle Ferrules
-CTS Volume and Tone Potentiometers
-Grover Tuners
-Seymour-Duncan Custom 5 SH-14 Humbucking pickup

Steampunk Lap Steel #2
 This lap steel has a copper fret board, copper and brass accents and hammered metal plates, as well as LED lights.

My homemade Lap steel slides

My homemade Lap steel slides